Special Rules and Amendments

**Note that divisions are subject to change.


  1. Only registered IKGA members may take part
  2. Official Goju Kai emblem (Fist trademark) must be displayed on all competition karate-gi
  3. Only Gojukai kata and official Bunkai may be performed
  4. A competitors age is determined by the competitors age as of September 28th, 2017
  5. In all individual divisions, unlimited entries from each country are allowed
  6. Individual divisions need a minimum of 5 competitors from 3 different countries to constitute a division
  7. For male and female Masters divisions kata and kumite, the Tournament Technical Commission will merge divisions if less than 5 competitors
  8. The Tournament Technical Commission has the authority to merge any divisions


  1. Two bronze medals will be awarded for all divisions with 8 or more competitors
  2. If less than 8 competitors, competitors who lost to the silver and gold medalist will compete for one bronze medal

Team Events

  1. All Senior Team divisions only one team per country (Team Kumite, Bunkai, Team Kata)
  2. All Junior Team divisions maximum two teams per country
  3. Team divisions need a minimum of 4 teams from 2 different countries to constitute a division
  4. Competitors 16 years of age and up to U21 may compete in their respective age category as well as in any of the senior team events.
  5. In Team Kata, no bunkai is required
  6. Team Kumite will consist of 3 competitors, ages 16 and over
  7. No combining of male and female competitors in any team division

Para Karate Events

  1. Para-Karate is a demonstration division only - medals will be awarded
  2. Para-Karate is open to all WKF karate styles